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In Brief:
Powers Demonstrated (Anime)
-Teleportation (of himself and of small objects)
-Levitation (of small objects) / telepathic command of computer systems(?)
-Excessive ability to withstand heavy magical attacks

Powers Demonstrated (Manga)
-Alchemical transformations of unknown substances (humans?) into living, sentient beings with magical powers
Power blasts (with Demon Hands)

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Sapphire | Blue Saphir


Name: Saphir
AKA: Sapphire, Saffir, Saffiru, Saphiru, Sapphir, Sephiroth- no, wait, scratch that last one. Also various levels of nicknames.
Canon: Sailor Moon (Anime)
Alignment: Prince Demand/Diamond/Dimande
Secondary-Alignment: Black Moon Family
Hates: Wiseman
Loves: His bro, Petz

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