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Name:Sapphire | Blue Saphir
Location:Black Moon Citadel, Nemesis
Watchet Saphir
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Also known as: Sapphire, Saffiru, Safir, Safiel, Blue Sapphire, Sapphire of Blue, etc.

Age: Unknown
Height: Estimated 5'9 for purpose of RP
Style of Dress: Formal. He wears a blue dress jacket with several steel rods dangling from the front of it and a white jewel at his throat. Underneath that is a pale lavender shirt. He also wears white trousers and white shoes, with dark blue gloves.
Notable Appearance Traits: Inverted black crescent moon on forehead.

The ever-cautious, ever-thoughtful, ever-loyal and ever-ignored younger brother to Prince Diamond/Dimant/Demand. The man behind the creation of the Black Moon Clan's droids, Saphir is the 'creator' to Diamond's 'destroyer'.

Once, long ago, the people of the Black Moon lived on Earth. However, when Neo-Queen Serenity cleansed the world of evil and granted immortality to her people, the Black Moon family rejected her ideals and were banished to a desolate, barren planet known as Nemesis. A hidden planet that could barely sustain life and was gradually being corrupted by the dark power of the Black Crystal.

Because of his affection for his brother, Saphir supports the Clan in their attempts to go back to the 20th Century and take over Earth before Serenity manages to cleanse it. However, he holds a great hatred in his heart for her due to his brother's obsession with her.
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